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Your desktop environment is packed with useful tools that make seamless integration with CertiflexDimension extremely easy and convenient. Attach virtually any information from spreadsheets, scanned documents, or even audio/video recordings directly to client transactions. Simply click on the paperclip icon and it’s as easy as drag and drop from Window® Explorer. Tired of typing those long journal entry descriptions? Turn on your built-in Windows® Recorder and verbally record the information instead. Making any transaction attachment in CertiflexDimension is as easy as clicking the attachment icon .
CertiflexDimension is consistently ranked as a top performer by leading accounting publications and in user satisfaction surveys. Proof positive that we are always striving to improve our product through creativity and innovations.

CertiflexDimension Client Write-up offers a complete write-up solution for the innovative accounting practice. For over 25 years, Certiflex has provided the very best in software technology to the professional marketplace. Well renowed for
delivering fast, efficient, reliable results in an easy-to-use format, CertiflexDimension Client Write-up is the choice of thousands of accountants just like you. We are fully aware that your write-up clients have diverse needs. Take comfort in knowing you can rely on CertiflexDimension Client Write-up to be the right choice to maximize your business potential.
There are major distinctions between General Ledger software designed for business use and Client Write-up software designed for accounting professionals. General Ledgers are intended to record transactions in a preset and balanced

environment. Date sensitivity and timing restrictions are commonly encountered in a business ledger because they are actively engaged with a current, real-time business process.

Client Write-up software is structured exclusively for use by accounting professionals working in the background on a diverse array of clients. This unique environment requires a flexible, efficient software solution.

Performing after-the-fact services with a general business ledger tool is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Given the time, energy and maybe even a big hammer, you can eventually make it happen. However, the intelligent solution is to work smarter, not harder by selecting the very best tool for task at hand - CertiflexDimension Client Write-up.

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