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Corporate Headquarters
The Versatile Group
4410 Spring Valley Rd
Dallas, Texas 75244
(800) 237-8435
Company History
Founded: 1992
Founders: John Stafford & W.P. Ward

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The Versatile Group, publisher and distributor of Certiflex Dimension Professional Accounting software.

"Commited to empowering our clients and business associates by offering versatile software, providing excellent service, guidance and support and building long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and teamwork."
In 1979, two visionary CPA's embarked to create one of the very first accounting software systems exclusively designed for the personal computer. Their efforts created the first generation of Certiflex Business Accounting Software. The result was richly based on solid accounting principles, while featuring a design for the everyday business professional to easily comprehend and use. Over twenty-five years and nine generations later, you will still find CertiflexDimension software commitment based on the strong principles and ease of use that will greatly benefit you and your practice.
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