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"We're more interested in developing a trust worthy relationship, than we are in selling another package." - John P. Stafford, President
Accounting software packages are purchased to provide long term solutions to a variety of changing circumstances. This is particularly true when it comes to client write-up software. Clients’ needs change and accounting standards evolve. Very few of the financial statements we use today are the same as we used just two years ago.” For this reason, The Versatile Group provides the following services to help foster a mutually enriching relationship between us and our business partners - our valued customers.
Internet based support means that our customers have immediate access to valuable support information at their convenience -- 24 hours a day. Customers can access the latest updates and get answers to all of the most frequently asked questions with our Online Knowledge Base and Email support options.
Technical support services are available on a per-incident basis. Blocks of support incidents are included with the purchase of the CertiflexDimension System Manager and with the renewal of Disk Maintenance. Coupled with our toll-free support hotline, clients can be assured of prompt professional help without having to worry about every minute they spend of the phone.. We also sponsor training courses and have a network of Qualified Trainers whom we recommend for onsite training.
Unlike many of our competitors, our annual updates cover all changes, enhancements and product improvements made to the current version of the software. This service can be renewed every twelve months at a fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else.
TVG maintains an extensive database of client suggestions for us to know how we can constantly serve you better. These suggestions often account for the many advancements you’ll receive through our updating service. But, we know we will never offer all the features every customer needs, so we provide a warranted customization service to tailor fit our package to your specific needs.
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